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On Tour Vibe Enhancement

$ Custom Pricing

Consultation Required


With Tour being so active it is important to have time to refuel the energy of the artist and the crew working the tour. Kiara The voice will provide ways for the artist and those working the tour to receive the rest and restoration they need to maintain the high energy required to perform throughout the length of the tour. Providing massage therapy 6 hours a day 5 days a week throughout the leg of the tour offering the artist a 60 min, 90min, and or 120min based upon request each of those days. This massage will include a combination of aromatherapy, restorative & myofascial release therapy to help lubricate the artist ligaments enabling more fluid mobility throughout the body. The artist will have the option to have the use of hot stones and Ayurvedic steams as well. The other hours will be used for 60 min sessions to be scheduled for those working the tour indicated by the artist to receive a session. 30 min reseal sessions will also be able to be provided to those who are not needed on stage.

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